Friday, July 01, 2005

The Last Day

Today was without a doubt the best day. From 9:00 to about 11:00, I managed to practically finish the CodeSnippets website, with the SQL database linking in very nicely. It was good to finally get it done.

David took us out with him today. He has a really nice Alpha Romeo (apart from the dent his neighbour made in it), which was great fun to ride around in. First up, we went to a demonstration of BizTalk, which David was hosting. It basically focused on the ease of implementing it, which he did in around an hour. The presentation when fairly smoothly, until BizTalk decided it didn't want to work anymore, but David managed to recover to a previous project he had made and saved the demo (well done Ddave!).

We then had lunch at the restaurant\cafe outside of the presentation area with two others from Microsoft (sorry can't remember their names now). I had a really nice steak (medium rare of course), with some chips. We then went for a tour around WDG. It was in a bit of a mess because they were still building. But it was really cool, they had biometric scanners to enter the office, and their machine room was really interesting. It was good to see all the developers and artists of a successful IT company. Anyway, David introduced us to Arthur Spanos, the CEO. He was a really crazy guy! The first thing he did was improve our handshaking method. He then went on to explain some "gold, jerry, gold" business ventures. These included "The Door", the most exclusive night club, where the source of income would be selling hotdogs to the line who were never going to get into the supposed night club. Another was a War and Peace in 10 minutes play, which he was convinced would be super successful. About eight mispronounciations of my name later, we had to leave his company.

As all good things must come to an end, so must this blog. My time at Microsoft was most enjoyable, and has practically secured my intended choice of career path. My experience there has really broadened my view of the IT industry. It was really interesting to hear stories about David's career, and as a result, has only made me more impatient to actually get into real work.

Actually working with Microsoft really changed my perceptions about the company. All the negative propganda floating around the web is quite unfair to what is a really great company. If given the opportunity in the future, I would gladly work for them without any hesitation.

Thanks alot guys!