Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Second Day

And what a day it was! I pretty much got the basics of the code snippets project
complete, and now it just needs the modification for it to meet the specifications.
We're using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 to develop the solution, and it is interesting
to see how Microsoft products look pre-release. It's also a great introduction
in to .Net programming for me, as I haven't done any previous work with .Net.

Dennis and I went for a hot chocolate at a really nice chocolate store with Kevin
Rodrigo at about 3:00. We about the ICT Fellowship program, and our time at Microsoft. We gave some feedback about the program (there wasn't really much because it's been so great), so we basically just told him what they were doing right. It really has been a memorable experience so far, as Microsoft has been really good about the work experience. I originally thought I was to be a coffee boy for a week, but I was setup in a office with a laptop with actual work to do. Microsoft have really been supportive of us, everyone in the company has been very accepting and willing to teach us more about how the company works, and the industry in general. Anyway, Kevin was a top guy!

Nigel invited me to a .Net Developer user-group meeting after work. It was really
interesting for me to mix with professional programmers, and to learn of their
experiences. So after the wonders of free pizza, we listened to a 2 hour presentation on programming for the visually-impaired and the favourite programming tools they liked to use.

In conclusion, it was a great day :D


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