Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Fourth Day

We started off today with Mark Cleary. We worked on a Media Centre pc, just setting up Windows Media Center Edition. The machine itself was pretty cool, it was a small form factor case, so they had to innovate a bit to stop it over heating every five minutes. On of the features I liked was the CPU cooler, where they had a cooling block directly on the CPU, then heat pipes travelling up to another block with a fan at the back of the case. Anyway, at about 11, Nick Ward came and picked me up.

Nick is the SQL Server specialist here. SQL Server is database software for medium to large businesses. At the moment, I'm modifying the CodeSnippets website to read the snippets from an SQL database, which David was happy about. And I'm glad to say, I'm having much more luck with it than integrating authentication.


Anonymous Dror said...

There are actually a bit too many blogs around here for most people to come into contact specifically with yours, but what you do does sound interesting. maybe you should specify a bit more more - if Raymond Chen can share so much with the world, I can't believe your NDA is *that* strict.

7:19 AM  

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