Monday, June 27, 2005

The First Day Pt. 1

It's 11:40 and I am in my new office at Microsoft Pty!
I'm sharing with the other work experience guy, Dennis.
My mentor's name is David. Dennis's mentor, Nigel, took
us for a tour of the site - two levels of Como Tower.
And we got decked out in Microsoft gear :D

We met all the other employees in the office. The company
is split up into Commercial, Enterprise, Services, and DPE.
Commercial and Enterprise are the sales sections, commercial
dealing with smaller customers, and enterprise dealing with
larger ones. Services deals with post-sales stuff like support.
DPE deals with "Mindshare", and is what our mentors work in.
It handles the organisation of MSDN and TechNet newsletters,
events like confernces and usergroups etc.

Before we could do anything, we had to sign a NDA - as
expected, so I have to be careful about what I tell you
about the cool stuff I learn. Right now we are setting up
the laptops we are going to be using during our time here.
We are using Windows Server 2003, and some beta versions
of development tools we are going to have a muck around
with. I'll post more when I get home.


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